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High Pressure Centrifugal Fans

High Pressure Centrifugal Fans

Featuring motors situated outside of the airstream and designed with inline installation in mind our AA series of high-pressure centrifugal fans provide superior air movement for industrial applications. Standard voltages 230/400V, 50Hz motors up to 4kW and 400-690V, 50Hz for higher powers. The AA range feature two pole, three phase asynchronous squirrel cage motors with class F insulation.

The fully welded housing is manufactured using rolling steel sheet with ultra durable aluminium impellers and an epoxy powder finish coating. Additionally, all of our high pressure centrifugal fans have an ingress protection rating of 55 (IP55). All of the AA high pressure centrifugal fan range are ERP compliant. Upon request 2-speed motors are available.

As an optional feature, a 60 Hz version is available on request.  There are also accessories within our industrial range to compliment the AA series which include outlet protection guards (RBS), connectors (EI), and safety switches (INT). As well as a frequency drive speed controller (SFC) which is ultra-compact, has a simple operating system and a wide range of functions. There are other accessories available for the AA series.

AA High Pressure Centrifugal Fan - Three Phase 2 Poles AA 47-70

The AA 47-70 are high-efficiency single inlet forward curved impellers manufactured in cast aluminium.

Rated I (A) 400V
Rated Power kW
Air flow m3/h
Sound dB (A)
Weight Kg
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AA 47 T2 1,1Kw 255170160 2.800 2,55 1,1 550 64 49,5
AA 53 T2 2,2Kw 255280160 2.800 4,98 2,2 820 66 67
AA 59 T2 2,2Kw 255350160 2.800 4,98 2,2 640 69 70
AA 59 T2 3Kw 255350163 2.800 6,4 3 950 69 77
AA 66 T2 4Kw 255450160 2.800 8,2 4 970 72 82
AA 70 T2 5,5Kw 255500160 2.900 11 5,5 1.070 76 118,5
AA 70 T2 7,5Kw 255510160 2.900 15 7,5 1.680 78 125

AA High Pressure Centrifugal Fan - Three Phase 2 Poles AA 45/5-60/7

The AA 45-5-60/7 are high-efficiency single inlet with backward curved impellers manufactured in cast aluminium.

Rated I (A) 400V
Rated Power kW
Air flow m3/h
Sound dB(A)
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AA 45/5 T2 2,2Kw 255120106 2.800 4,98 2,2 1.750 83 62,5
AA 45/5 T2 3Kw 255120120 2.870 6,4 3 3.020 83 69,5
AA 50/5 T2 4Kw 255150106 2.890 8,2 4 3.050 86 79
AA 50/5 T2 5,5Kw 25510120 2.900 11 5,5 4.70 86 92
AA 60/7 T2 11Kw 255201120 2.9300 19,8 11 5.300 90 141


Our high pressure centrifugal fan range is suitable for applications such as industrial air extraction or injection, machine cooling and clean air transport. The series is also suitable for exhaust after filters, separators and cyclones and pneumatic transport. Other applications include general air extraction systems, printing and drying equipment, food processing and fume control, amongst others. The maximum working temperature of carried air is 130°C and the maximum temperature on environmental air is 60°C.

Food Processing
process cooling

Products in this Range

AA High Pressure Backward Curved Centrifugal Fans

Straight blade or backward curved impeller designed to achieve high air pressure

AAVA AAVC & AAVM High Pressure Centrifugal Fans

Backward curved self-cleaning impeller designed to achieve high air pressure, ATEX versions

AATZA AATVP & AATVA High Pressure Belt Driven Fans

Belt driven straight blade and centrifugal impellers that achieve high air pressure, ATEX versions

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