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Axial Fans

Axial Fans

We supply axial fans in both cased and plate mounted variants. Axial fans are ideal for building ventilation, drying rooms, biomass, heat exchangers, sunbed equipment and more.

Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal Fans

Our centrifugal fans are used within thousands of applications. They range from  plug fans with free running impellers to large, high pressure fans suitable for demanding environments.

Enclosure Climate Control

Enclosure Climate Control

Axair Online offers climate control solutions for effective enclosure cooling. Thermal management is essential for ensuring the reliability of electronic components within a cabinet.

Specialised Fan Products

Specialised Fan Products

We offer fans and ancillaries that go beyond the capacity of standard products in terms of duty and environmental factors. This includes fans to handle corrosive air, withstand marine, offshore or military environments.

Accessories & Controls

Accessories & Controls

Alongside our vast range of fans, we offer accessories to facilitate installation, maintenance, health and safety, noise attenuation and mechanical fan control.

Need some assistance?

Need some assistance?

With over 20 years in the enclosure air movement market, our team of in-house specialists and external sales engineers are at your service to discuss your air movement project.

Industrial Fans For OEM, Commercial & Industrial Applications

Axair offer an extensive range of industrial fans with both external rotor motors and standard motors outside of the airstream dependent on the application. With a wealth of technical expertise and ATEX knowledge, our team of skilled technical engineers can select an industrial fan or commercial product to suit your specification. Our range extends from single or double inlet forward curved, single inlet backward curved motorised impellers, axial fans in a variety of configurations such as

flat guard, basket guard, round ring or wall plate, hot gas fans, ATEX and high-temperature variants are available in many lines. Europe’s leading fan manufacturers Ecofit, Rosenberg, Casals, Wellington, Fandis, SEAT & ETRI, entrust Axair Fans with their exclusive UK distribution. We have developed a centre of excellence in air movement and enclosure thermal management to support our extensive range of OEM, commercial and industrial fans.

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Technical Information

Our team of engineers have compiled technical guides and information articles to help you better understand air movement.

About Us

Axair Fans UK Limited offers the most diverse range of fans and accessories available from a single source.

Effective Laboratory Fume Extraction (16/01/2020)

All types of laboratories need fume extraction, whether in a pharmaceutical, industrial, healthcare or educational setting. An effective fume extraction solution will capture and contain harmful fumes resulting in a healthier and safer working environment for those using the laboratory. Our fume extraction solutions have been designed to provide compliance with the latest safety standards […]

ECFanGrid Cooling Power Delivered to Rolling Stock Yard (11/12/2019)

We have recently provided a rolling stock maintenance yard with two ECFanGrids as part of a package of works to improve the working environment. Following on site testing, we delivered the ECFanGrid solution within 3 weeks of receiving the order. The problems the facility faced, and our answers to those issues, are explained below. The […]

Transformer Cooling Fans ()

Transformers work to either ‘step up’ or ‘step down’ an incoming power supply. This is done by a precise relationship between the number of turns on the primary and secondary coils. Put simply, a transformer converts energy at one voltage level to energy at another voltage level. Transformers do not have any moving parts but […]

The Importance of Chemical Storage Ventilation ()

Many industries require a number of potentially hazardous chemicals in day to day maintenance, manufacturing, cleaning, sterilisation, testing and operating applications. The safe storage of these chemicals involves a number of considerations in terms of temperature, ignition control, ventilation and segregation. We discuss the needs of chemical storage ventilation below. The ventilation of chemical storage […]