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Axial Fans Axial Fans

Axial Fans

Our wide range of axial fans include both cased and plate mounted variants. Axial fans are suitable for all applications including building ventilation, general ventilation, industrial, drying rooms, biomass, heat exchangers, sunbed equipment and many more. The airflow and pressure duty required will determine the correct fan for the application. Axair supply fans suitable for high system airflows, high pressure applications, EC and energy efficient lines, high power fans, AC variants with ATEX available on request. Each product is IP protected up to IP55, see each product lines for specifics on Ingress Protection Ratings and what is required for your application.

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Compact Frame Axial Fans

We offer great cooling solutions with our cost effective and extensive range of compact axial fans

Short Cased Axial Fans

Designed to move large volumes of air in low pressure systems often with a short duct run

Long Cased Axial Fans

High power long cased axial fans with adjustable blades to cover a wide capacity range

Plate Axial Fans

Our plate axial fans have fixed blade impellers designed to handle large volumes of air against low resistance to flow and are designed for maximum efficiency and low noise operation.

Roof Mounted Axial Fans

Axial fans with roof cowls, base support and bird protection guards specially designed for roof installation

Refrigeration Axial Fans

Fan packs and compact frame axial fans specifically designed for refrigeration

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Centrifugal Fans Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal Fans

The Axair range of centrifugal fans include a wide selection of inline duct fans used within industry, horticulture and spray booths, plug fans including free running impellers and modular impeller units suitable for general ventilation, air handling units, powder control and clean room ventilation and downdraught workbenches. Our noise optimised units can reduce system fan noise by half when compared to existing impellers and improve system efficiency resulting in cost effective savings for the end user.

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Motorised Impellers

Flexible, efficient, quiet and available from stock

Backward Curved Centrifugal Fans

Designed for minimum pressure loss, ideal for air filtration, in-line extraction and OEM applications

EC Backward Curved Centrifugal Fans

Energy saving EC technology and significantly quieter operation


Multiple fan array improves reliability, flexibility and efficiency in new or existing ventilation systems

EC Forward Curved Centrifugal Fans

Efficient, cost-effective EC fans for fan coil units and general HVAC

Forward Curved Centrifugal Fans

Single inlet and double inlet for a wide range of low and medium pressure applications

High Pressure Centrifugal Fans

Designed to reach high air pressures in industrial environments, ATEX versions available

Medium Pressure Centrifugal Fans

Ideal for applications which are ducted and require medium air pressures, ATEX versions available

Low Pressure Centrifugal Fans

Double inlet fans with external rotor motors for a wide range of low air pressure applications

High Temperature Fans

Hot gas fans designed to move air up to 350°C, ideal for ovens, boilers, furnaces and drying

Roof Mounted Centrifugal Fans

Roof fans for industrial and commercial building ventilation, ATEX versions available

Inline Duct Fans

Designed for inline installation and powered by high efficiency backward curved motorised impellers

Radial Fans

Straight blade impellers designed for material handling applications

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Enclosure Climate Control Enclosure Climate Control

Enclosure Climate Control

Axair Online offers full climate control solutions for effective enclosure cooling and control inside the enclosure or cabinet. Effective thermal management is essential for ensuring the reliability of electronic components within an enclosure. Our enclosure ventilation accessories will meet your needs for safe and reliable temperature control and prevent the premature failure of equipment within an electrical cabinet.

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Filter Fans & Fan Filter Units

Effective enclosure and cabinet cooling with easy tool-free installation

Roof Mounted Enclosure Extract Units

High performance roof exhaust units for enclosure climate control

Enclosure Climate Control Accessories

Heaters, thermostats, pressure compensation devices, guards, covers and more

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Specialised Fan Products Specialised Fan Products

Specialised Fan Products

Our wide range of specialised products for duties that go beyond the capacity of industry standard products, Axair have over 7000 variants in a wide range of supply voltages and frequencies. This range includes cooling of defence electronics, navigation and air conditioning as found in military vehicles, on board ships and aircrafts including helicopters.

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ATEX Certified Fans

Explosion proof and spark proof fans designed for hazardous environments

Commercial Kitchen Extract Fans

Industrial extraction designed for hot, greasy air, ATEX versions

Corrosive Fume Extraction Fans

Centrifugal fans designed for corrosive fume extraction, ATEX versions

Rail Fans

Robust, durable cooling fans for railway and rolling stock applications

Smoke Extraction Fans

F400 certified fans for powerful, effective mechanical smoke control, ATEX versions

Special Fan Products

For defence and military applications in terms of endurance, dimensional restraints and special features

Stainless Steel Fans

Axial and centrifugal designs ideal for food processing, ATEX versions

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Accessories & Controls Accessories & Controls

Accessories & Controls

The heat in electrical enclosures and cabinets must be managed to protect the valuable components housed inside them. The Axair range of climate control and thermal management accessories includes filter fans, fan filter units, heaters, thermostats and pressure compensation devices that can be used to dissipate and control heat from control panels.

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Fan Accessories

Range of guards, flanges, dampers and mounts to complement our fans

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